Appeal of Ukrainian Catholic Bishops in USA for Meditation and Fasting for Ukraine

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The bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine with Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk have asked their faithful to fast and to pray daily for various intentions, among them, for the President and elected officials of Ukraine, for the conversion of the aggressors, for the Ukrainian army, for those who protect citizens, for the souls of the deceased, and for unity and independence of Ukraine.  Let us join them in holy prayer and fasting!

We, the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of the United States call upon all of our clergy, religious and faithful to pray daily the special prayer for Ukraine provided with this appeal, and to devote precious time for quiet meditation and prayer for the intentions already cited by the bishops of Ukraine.  Fast by pausing from our daily activities for an extended amount of time to reflect and pray for the people of Ukraine, and for the specific intentions given above.  Meditate on the horrific sufferings of the people of Ukraine, as you pray to God for peace and unity.  Pray to the Mother of God for her intercession with her Son, Jesus Christ and for her maternal protection of the people of Ukraine.  Pause to identify with the suffering as you pray for peace.  Sacrifice valued time and thought in prayer for our brothers and sisters who suffer!

In addition, we ask that all of our clergy and faithful, following every Divine Liturgy and liturgical service say the Prayer for Peace for Ukraine.  Let us be steadfast and continue to offer these prayers, fasting and meditation until peace and unity are achieved in Ukraine.  We thank you for your anticipated faithful and prayerful participation!  God bless you!


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