The Jubilee Icon Has Visited Eparchial Parishes

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Since its sanctification in Detroit by Bishop Richard (Seminack) last year, the Jubilee Icon of the Protection of the Mother of God has been in transit, crisscrossing the vast geography of St Nicholas Eparchy.

To adequately reflect upon the purpose of this pilgrimage, readers of New Star are invited to write (between 50-250 words) a personal commentary of the visit to your area.

You may choose one of these two categories:

1. What effect the visit of the Jubilee Icon has had on your parish (or your life);
2. If the Jubilee Icon could speak, this is what would be said about the visit to (your parish, city, state).

You are to sign your name, and give parish affiliation. Comments will be “anonymous” upon request of the writer, but city, parish may be listed. New Star will publish as many as possible in the October and/or November issues. You may write in either English or Ukrainian. (Note deadline dates)

Please address all letters to
(subject line: IKOHA);
(Subject line: ICON).

Or, by mail to:
IKONA (or) ICON; New Star;
2245 W Rice St;
Chicago, IL 60622


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