St Josaphat in Warren, Michigan Celebrates 50 Years: 1961-2011


On Saturday, November 12, 2011,  St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church celebrated its Golden Jubilee at the Ukrainian Cultural Center with a banquet with 400 people attending.  The Master of Ceremonies welcomed Bishop Richard (Seminack) of the Eparchy of St. Nicholas in Chicago, clergy, honored guests and all present.

Catechetical Sunday Is Here, Again


It is September again. For some the school year has already begun. For others, classes will soon begin. Whatever the case, Catechetical Sunday is observed in churches across the country.

The Jubilee Icon Has Visited Eparchial Parishes


Since its sanctification in Detroit by Bishop Richard (Seminack) last year, the Jubilee Icon of the Protection of the Mother of God has been in transit, crisscrossing the vast geography of St Nicholas Eparchy.

To adequately reflect upon the purpose of this pilgrimage, readers of New Star are invited to write (between 50-250 words) a personal commentary of the visit to your area.

St Michael's in Chicago Has Jubilee Icon


Anticipation built up at South Side Chicago's St Mi-chael's  Parish over a period of weeks. As long ago as St Nicholas Day, 2010, when the icon of the Wonderworker of Myra was highlighted with a garland of pine and holly in keeping with the Deanery's commitment to emphasize the Jubilee Year in each parish, parishiolners began to recite the Jubilee Year Prayer.

Icon in "Michiana"


The Jubilee Icon traveled from St Mary’s in Madison, Illinois to be venerated by the parishiners of St. Michael's Parish, in Mishawaka, Indiana.

On Sunday, July 24, the Icon was set before the tetrapod in time for the 10 am Divine Liturgy. Following the Liturgy, all were invited to the 11:30 am picnic in the yard.

Jubilee Icon Comes to Chicago Deanery


The Jubilee Icon of the Protection of the Mother of God came to the Chicago Deanery Sunday, July 10, arriving at St Mary's Assumption (Dormition) Parish in St Louis, Missouri. Divine Liturgy was celebrated at 10 am by Fr. Andrew Plishka, parish administrator, and Fr. James Knapp, SJ, parish assistant.

“Eparchial Boulevard” Dedicated in Los Angeles


His Grace, Bishop Richard (Seminack) cuts the ribbon opening the new Eparchial Boulevard at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California.  The Boulevard was dedicated this spring celebrating the Eparchy's 50th Anniversary.  

Palatine Parish Pilgrimage


As part of the on-going preparation for the visit of the Jubilee Icon in Chicago Deanery parishes, Immaculate Conception Parish in Palatine, Illinois, participated in the celebration of the Akathst to the Protection of the Mother of God.

Eastern Catholic Educators Meet


The Spring meeting of Eastern Catholic educators (ECED) met in Pittsburgh. Gathered at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS Cyril and Methodius, they spent two days studying several projects to revise student texts and teacher's manuals for seventh and eighth grades; evaluate the need to reprint some material;  consider promotions through advertising and catalog “specials” sales; update the web site; and develop new product.

The Jubilee Icon Goes West


On the final trek of its travels, the jubilee icon of "The Protection of the Mother of God" arrived in San Francisco at the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception in time for the scheduled celebration on Sunday, April 10th. Several parishioners attended the liturgy at 11:30 a.m., served by Fr. Petro Dyachok, administrator of  the parish. After the liturgy Fr. Petro served the Akathist dedicated to the Protection of the Mother of God.

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