Visit of the Eparchial Jubilee Icon of the Mother of God Continues

In keeping with the theme and thrust of "Evangelization" associated with the opening of the Eparchial Jubilee Year in Detroit in June, the parishes of Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas received the Eparchial Jubilee Icon of the Protection of the Mother of God written by Hieromonk Damian (Higgins) from its last stop in the Detroit Deanery, Grand Rapids' parish of St Michael.

Jubilee Icon in Michigan

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Catholic Parish was recently blessed with a memorable visit of the Holy Icon of the Protection of the Mother of God--her protection over St. Nicholas Eparchy. Recently completed in preparation for the jubilee of the Eparchy, it depicts her maternal care over all the faithful, represented by holding her omophorion over the Cathedral Church, St. Nicholas. The icon began its journey over the United States, in the hopes that it would inspire the faithful with a greater love and devotion to the All-Holy Mother of God, and a renewed zeal to bring more souls to Christ.

Jubilee Celebration begins with a Momentous Start

The first weekend in June was historic for the inauguration of the year-long Jubilee celebra- tion of St Nicholas Eparchy. Fittingly, the faithful were fed with spiritual food though participation in Divine Services--and were given a chance to focus their attention on the purpose of the Church: to bring Christ and His message to their lives and the lives of others.

Bishop Richard Travels to North Dakota


Bishop Richard journeyed to North Dakota for the celebration of the centennial of the establishment of the Diocese of Bismarck from Friday, June 11, until Sunday, June 13.

St. Nicholas Eparchy has four parishes within the geographic confines of that diocese:

Fr Taras Miles Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Ordination


Bishop Richard traveled west to Belfield where he presided at Fr. Tares Miles' 40th anniversary of ordination Liturgy, Monday, June 14 in the afternoon at St Demetrius Church in Fairfield.

Icon of Protection of the Mother of God Written for Jubilee of Eparchy

During the Jubilee observations throughout St Nicholas Eparchy from June 4, this year in Detroit through concluding ceremonies, December 6, next year, in Chicago, a constant item will be present--to emphasize the unity of the people in dependence upon the Protection of the Mother of God. This special image written for the 50th Jubilee of the Eparchy of St Nicholas  

Eparchial Clergy Conference Held


Meeting in Mundelein the deacons and priests of the St Nicholas Eparchy spent from Tuesday evening until Friday lunch at the annual conference, May 18-21, 2010.

Each year, an aspect of parish life is presented as a manner of "continuing education" for the benefit of the clergy-and ultimately for 

ECED meets in Pittsburgh


From Monday, May 17-through Thursday, May 20, members of the Eastern Conference of (Religious) Education Directors met at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS Cyril and Methodius in Pittsburgh. With an agenda filled with pre-set topics, Very Rev Gregory Noga, president of the group,

Providence' annual meeting


The annual meeting of the General Assembly of the Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America was held at the Association's head office in Philadelphia on April 23 & 24, 2010.  During this meeting the newly-elected executive was formally installed. 

Paschal Holy Meal at St Josaphat's Parish


On the Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women the parish of St Josaphat in Munster, Indiana, held its Paschal Holy Meal. Joining Fr Yaroslav Mendyuk and the parishioners was His Grace Bishop Richard Seminack. The festivities centered around a single Divine Liturgy—rather than the usual two.

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